All our products can be printed or unprinted :

- Paper Grid Lacquered Solvent-Based
- Direct Seal Paper
- Cold Seal Latex Free
- Allover Coated Reinforced Paper Water-Based
- Allover Coated Paper Water-Based
- Grid lacquer coated Tyvek®
- Paper/Polyethylene


Paper coating with either solvent or water-based lacquers designed to provide fiber-free opening on medical packaging.

Coatings are in grid, allover or pattern format, they can be heat or latex-free cold sealed. Materials can be flexographic printed with water-based inks (carbonless if required). Production machines are equipped with the latest generation inline web inspection and automatic defect separation at slitting stage. Controlled atmosphere conditions to ensure product and process consistency. Automatic mixing systems ensures coating consistency.


A large proportion of our resources are allocated to Research & Development.

Our very competent, experienced and dedicated team created strong synergies with several Portuguese universities, as well as close relationship with suppliers, to ensure we use the most suitable and efficient raw materials and technology for the present and continue to develop improved solutions for the future.